Feminine Vitality

Feminine Vitality

We are committed to women’s health, recognizing that feminine sexual vitality is paramount to that mission.  We believe feminine health that ensures vibrance and function are attainable for all women.  At Star Advance Medicine, we are a provider of two premiere treatments for feminine rejuvenation and incontinence:  ULTRA FEMME 360™ and The Femme Shot .  Increased libido, sexual satisfaction, and vaginal tightening are achievable in non-invasive procedures that are performed in our office with minimal to no down time and results that last for years.

We offer customizable packages which can combine these services with hormone therapy and other aesthetic and wellness services.   Ask us about our monthly seminars on women’s health issues.  Dr. McKinley wants to educate as well as provide these services as she is devoted to ensuring that her patients don’t accept living with lackluster health in any area of their lives as a standard cost of being a woman.  These treatments are the life changing procedures that many women never knew existed!



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